1:1 Bodywork


The style of bodywork practiced at Elevated Somatics relies on the same somatic principles utilized in a Somatic Education session but looks and feels like a typical massage session. Gabriel is trained in eastern and western styles of massage therapy, including Swedish, Shiatsu, sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point release, acupressure and blends these styles for each individual client.  



Instead of focusing on the bio-mechanical effects of pressure and friction, attention and intention is directed towards enhancing awareness and movement. The physical effects of touch are secondary to the experience of touch sensation and how touch can illuminate areas of tension that may have been outside of your awareness. In other words, even when passively receiving a bodywork session, your active attention to what you are experiencing enables your body to relax and unwind even more. The effects of reduced pain, improved movement and deep relaxation flow from enhanced awareness and integration.

Additionally, when appropriate, active somatic education techniques can be incorporated into the session to unlock areas of chronic tension that are unresponsive to passive techniques.






+ Reduce pain

+ Improve movement

+ Deep relaxation

+ Enhance awareness

+ Enhance integration