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// Tight Back

This video is designed to help you mobilize your back, including shoulders, hips and legs. You will learn how to integrate, balance and relax tension from the base of your head all the way down to your feet.



+ Learn to release back, leg, shoulder, and neck muscles

+ Guide yourself through a somatic session where and when you want

+ Contains audio, text, and visual cues along with options to skip around to specific movements

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Recomended For

Tight/sore backs +

Tight hamstrings +

Stiff necks +

Tension headaches +

Insomnia +


“I am more aware of my actions and have a better understanding of what I can do to help my back. Since doing the daily exercises Gabriel suggested, I have noticed that I have been feeling less pressure in my lower back and am more in tune with my body.”
— Sibba H.


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Easy to access

Easy to download

Easy to follow

Easy for your body

Let yourself ease into the easiness

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