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Do you want to host a corporate event or private movement workshop with Elevated Somatics? Let’s have a conversation! 


Group Movement

Private, Corporate, Community

Duration // 30 - 90 Min.

Bring Gabriel to your house, office, yoga study, church or conference. Group classes can be led lying down or seated in chairs. Either way, classes will be tailored to the needs of the individuals attending and will be based around different combinations of Hanna Somatic movements.


Benefits / what to expect

  • Group movement encourages greater collective healing and alignment.

  • Each participant is able to move freely within their own limits and abilities.

  • We will meet you where you are.

Movement Workshop

Private, Corporate, Community

Duration // 3 HR

Want to take your somatics to a higher level? Longer form movement workshops allow for a deep dive into Hanna Somatics. A myth of aging workshop provides an overview of Thoma's Hanna's Cat Stretch and will leave you with a thorough and well rounded, full body experience connecting and unwinding. Want something more specific? Let's talk about developing a workshop specifically around gait improvement, straightening scoliotic spines, freeing hips and legs or opening rounded shoulders.


Benefits / what to expect

  • Longer time frame allows for deeper exploration and integration.

  • Pick a topic and we will develop something for your needs and interest.

  • Or schedule a Myth of Aging series and learn to flip the script on aging.

Elevated Bodywork Training

For Massage Therapists

Duration // 8 HR

This one is for massage therapists, pilates instructors, yoga teachers and others who are already working in somatic fields. In this 8-hour workshop, you'll learn the basics of somatic theory and specific hands-on techniques for working with clients.


Benefits / what to expect

  • Get increased benefits with less effort.

  • Experience how small shifts in focus and attention can lead to dramatic results.

  • Learn how the nervous system creates, maintains and can unwind muscle tension.

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