How It Works


Private, one-on-on sessions are a great way to get personalized attention. Clinical somatic education sessions are one hour in length. Bodywork sessions are 90-minutes or 120-minutes and can be a combination of massage and somatics or just massage.

Either way, each session will be geared specifically towards your health and wellness goals.




1:1 Somatic Education

  • Duration // 60 Minutes

  • Benefits //

    • Fast, lasting relief from tension and pain.

    • Regain functional movement patterns.

    • Learn how to continue improving on your own.


Your muscles work hard all day long to maintain your posture and so each sessions begins with a basic assessment to get a sense of how the way you hold yourself might relate to the discomfort or limitation you're feeling. 

Observing your standing posture, walking gait, and passive range of motion helps me understand your particular pattern of tension (SMA - discover more here). Specifically, I am interested in automatic (involuntary) actions that hold and move you through space and how those processes may be creating discomfort or otherwise limiting your enjoyment of life. 



Using clinical, Hanna Somatic techniques, you will be guided to connect with and relax areas of tension; integrating areas of chronic holding with areas of freedom. The work is done fully clothed with slow, focused movements initiated by the conscious part of your brain to override painful patterns being maintained unconsciously. This is mind over matter at its very best. The techniques are gentle, painless and powerful.


Throughout the session, I'll be teaching you simple movements that you can do at home to support and build upon the results of the session. If all goes well,  in a short time, you'll be able to not just maintain the benefits but actually continue improving on your own.




1:1 Bodywork

  • Duration // 90 - 120 Minutes

  • Benefits //

    • Relaxing and therapeutic massage.

    • Enhanced awareness and integration.

    • Results increase through repetition.


Gabriel's elevated style of massage combines relaxing Swedish massage techniques with deep tissue and neuromuscular techniques to unwind specific areas of tension. Working with your breath and awareness ensures that these sessions are both therapeutic and enjoyable. 


The benefits of massage tend to increase with repetition. Talk with Gabriel about package discounts and create a regular schedule of massages so that you feel better and better over time.