1:1 Somatic Education


If you're looking for results that last and are ready to be actively involved in your health, clinical somatic education is the best that I have to offer and Elevated Somatics is one of the few places in Colorado providing this service. I would recommend Somatic Education for anyone suffering from chronic or subacute musculoskeletal pain, physical trauma, poor posture, lingering injuries, and anyone with optimal performance goals.

One-on-one sessions at my Highlands office are a great way to get personalized attention for what ails you. Sessions are about an hour in length and generally consist of three parts; assessment, hands-on clinical techniques, and instruction for at-home movements.


// How 1:1 SOMATIC EDUCATION can help



Struggling with an injury that won't go away? You might be dealing with a trauma reflex that's not resolving.


Your muscles are controllable. All of them. If tight, sore muscles are causing you pain and limiting your movement, learn how somatic education will get you back in control.


Whether it's improving your race time, lifting twice your bodyweight, or nailing that presentation, peak performance requires integration of mind and body. Find out how Somatics can help you achieve your goals.


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