Elevated Somatics …


Is focused on solving problems; problems that don't show up on x-rays and MRI's, that don't respond to traditional therapies and won't be fixed by pills or surgery. Problems that are physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and often all of the above.

Or, more simply, somatic.

Our Focus //




Effectively and quickly resolve stress, decrease pain, and increase mobility.


Getting you fully in control of your body.


Understanding how you get into and out of pain while increasing self-awareness.



Whether it’s active somatic education sessions or more passive bodywork sessions, my focus as a practitioner is the same.

I want to help you get better at being yourself, better at sensing what's happening in your body, and better at controlling your movements to improve overall functioning.

I believe that you are the expert in being you and in the best position to affect your health and development.

My role, through touch and movement education is to help enhance your awareness of self, increase control over your muscles, and teach you how to get the most out of your body. Ultimately, if I do my job well you should be able to continue improving long after we stop working together.



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