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Throughout the years I have found a need to teach somatic education to those who can not attend a 1:1 somatic education session for various reason such as; living in a different state, life circumstance, and time constraints.

Whatever the reason, online somatic education programs allow you to learn from the comfort of anywhere!

See below for educational resources ELEVATED ONLINE has to offer you!


Elevated Online education

// Video Lesson’s


Lesson 1

// Tight Back

A 30 minute guided video lesson designed to help you mobilize your back, including shoulders, hips and legs.

You will learn how to integrate, balance and relax tension from the base of your head all the way down to your feet.



Elevated Online education

// Audio Lesson’s



Can’t make a class? Want to get a taste of what a Somatic Group Movement experience with Gabriel is like?

Then this series of recordings are a great way to start. Tune into these audio sessions for free!