Peak Performance


// Explained

The mountains are calling, the road bike is calling, so is that stand-up paddle board, dance class, set of golf clubs, running shoes, swim trunks, skis, and snowboard. 

Whatever you enjoy doing in your off time, Elevated Somatics is here to help.



// Maximize your performance WITH Elevated Somatics



+ Improved brain to muscle connections

+ Restored functional movement patterns

+ Faster recovery

+ Increased mental focus

+ Better control over autonomic function



// How does elevated somatics improve performance



First - There’s the value of massage during training, before an event and within a day or two after an event. Regular massage helps you recover more quickly; circulating blood, oxygen, and lymph to nourish and restore your cells. 

Secondly - Massage and somatics can help with injury recovery. This could be an injury you just experienced, or an old injury that’s still bothering you. 

Thirdly - Somatics is great for improving your gait. Particularly, for runners, having a balanced, integrated and efficient gait is crucial for not just improving your performance but also improving your enjoyment of running. 


Gabriel’s Experience //

Gabriel has trained extensively in sports massage, participated as a therapist at a number of marathons and triathlons, and worked privately with a range of athletes including weekend warriors, acrobats and dancers. 



Through hands-on techniques and select movements, you’ll be able to recover a natural, comfortable running/walking form.